Local Moving Tips

Local Moving Tips

For those of you moving locally we offer some packing and preparation tips. Understand that local moving does not require the same degree and amount of packing or preparation as long distance moving or moves into storage. Local moves that load and deliver the same day can often save time and cost by utilizing some of the following tips.

Generally packing means the consolidation of small items into boxes or the packing of fragile items into boxes or wrapped in cardboard or blankets. Most boxes require you tape the bottom and you should use a minimum of 3 strips of packing tape to do so. Some boxes called “self locking folders” do not require tape and are designed to “pop into a box”. These types of boxes are usually meant for office moving, but can certainly be used for household moving as well.

As a rule pack the heavier items into smaller boxes and the lighter items into larger boxes. For example heavy weight items such as books, canned goods, tools and parts, etc. go into smaller boxes. Medium weight items such as pots and pans, linens, dry goods, non breakable kitchenware, etc. should go into medium size boxes. Lighter weight items such as blankets, pillows, baskets, or bulky items should go into larger boxes. NEVER put heavy items into large boxes, as it will make the box too heavy to handle or carry, and also increases the chance of the bottom of the box breaking through.

Most of the time it will be necessary to close or seal the top of the box, however for local moves there can be a few exceptions. Boxes with spillable items from kitchens or bathrooms or garages can often benefit from NOT closing the top. Whoever moves these boxes will see that they contain spillable items and as such will not inadvertently turn the box on its side or upside down, which can occur with sealed boxes. In addition if you box plants (fake or real) or lampshades, by not sealing the top whoever moves them will know not to put heavy items on top of these boxes, which can occur with sealed boxes.

Certain items which require packing on long distance or storage moves can often be moved without packing for local moves. These items include many pictures, mirrors, table glass, audio and video components, lamps, fake plants, blankets, pillows, etc. Understand, you can’t go wrong by packing these items for a local move, however, oftentimes it’s just not necessary. Many times these items can be wrapped in furniture pads or put between boxes or cardboard on the truck. On the other hand, if any of these types of items are of high value, pack them. Also understand if you use one of the cheap local moving companies and you have them move these fragile types of items, and they are not properly packed, the moving company may not have liability for their damage. What you have to evaluate and weigh out is the risk of damage to these items vs. your additional time and cost to pack them.

Fragile smaller items such as dishes, china, stemware, vases, bric a brac, collectibles, glass or stonewear, etc. require packing both for local or long distance moving. Dont be shy with the packing paper. We caution against using actual newspaper as the ink from newspapers transfers to the items you are packing. In addition, if you pack with lots of newspaper the ink will get on your hands and transfer to everything you touch such as sofas, chairs, linens, and on and on. It begins to get everywhere. Instead, invest in what’s called “unprinted news” which is simply newspaper size paper without any print on it. This type of packing paper is the best insurance you can buy to protect your breakables. Make sure when you wrap dishes, glasses, stemwear, small pictures, etc. that you stand them vertically or upright in the boxes. Never lay glass items flat. There is a much greater risk of breakage for glass items layed flat. The type of box you use for breakable items can vary. While for long distance or storage moving you should use boxes made of more heavy duty or double wall cardboard (often called dishpack boxes) for local moving it’s perfectly fine to use standard smaller or medium boxes. Make sure to use plenty of packing paper and clearly label the boxes as fragile or breakables. Do not use large cartons for breakables unless the items being packed are so large you have no choice.

For local moving you can usually keep your dressers or chests of drawers filled with clothing. Make sure to remove any spillables, breakables, valuables, tiny items that could fall out, or heavy items such as books or papers. Clothing or blankets or pillows, etc. are usually OK. Ask you specific moving company their policy on moving these items loaded.

In addition for your hanging clothes, oftentimes the moving company like https://eaglestatetostatemoving.com/ will provide free use of wardrobe boxes on moving day. Each wardrobe box holds about 2 feet of hanging clothes. For example if you have 20 feet of hanging clothes that is about 10 wardrobe boxes. Ask your specific moving company about their wardrobe use policy.

For labeling of boxes use an indelible marker, and mark the sides of the box with the room the items will go to. You can often use the following shortcuts – K for kitchen, G or garage, LR for living room, FR for family room, MBR for master bedroom, BR1 for bedroom 1, OUT for outside or patio, BATH for bathroom, etc.

We hope some of these tips have been usefull. Again, for local moving the amount of packing and preparation necessary is not quite as much as for long distance or storage moving. Call your specific moving company for their policies or suggestions.

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